Recycling and an eclectic touch combined together in the Delabré technique, which enhances the past by highlighting its imperfections. The worn out effect on the walls and the charm of antique furnishings coexist with objects characterised by simple lines. The result is the balance of environments suspended between past and present.

• Base for Delabré 330 ml (66016)
• Fleur Chalky Look colours of your choice 130-330 ml
• Water-based Finishing Wax 100 ml (12621)
• Ready-to-use Waxes (from page 68)
• Spatula for Delabré (14042)
• Fleur Roller (14006)
• Plastic spatula (14043)

Choose the Chalky Look or Metallic colours you want to use.
1. BASE: Mix the white Delabré Base with a Chalky Look colour of your choice in a proportion ranging from 10% to 20%. Apply the mixture onto the entire surface, leaving more product on some parts of surface and less product on others, in order to obtain an uneven result. Immediately after that use the special spatula to flatten some areas of the surface and let it dry for 5/6 hours.
2. GLAZE: Mix the Fleur Chalky Look or the Metallic colour with the Water-based Finishing Wax in a proportion between 20% and 50% depending on the desired intensity. Alternatively it is possible to use the ready-to-use coloured waxes (Gold Wax, Silver Wax, Whitening Wax, Antiquing Wax). Then, apply the mix on some parts of the surface with a spatula until the desired Delabrè Effect is obtained. Let it dry for 1 hour.
FINISH: For greater protection and durability, apply a coat of Waterbased Finishing Wax with a brush. Let it dry for 2 hours and polish the surface with a cotton cloth.

TOOLS CLEANING: Water. For coloured waxes, use the Citrus Wax Remover.