The Fleur Wash gives an elegant and timeless look to furniture and walls, thanks to the soft and delicate result. This technique can be used in all spaces as it gives the colour a delicate glaze effect. The result is refined and never excessive.

• 2 Fleur Chalky Look colours tone-on-tone
• Medium for Decorative Effects (13265)
• Fleur Roller (14006)
• Cotton cloth or sponge

1. BASE: Paint the entire surface with the chosen base colour, using the appropriate Fleur roller.
2. PATINA: Add 30% of the second colour to the Medium for Decorative Effects and apply the mixture quickly with a cotton cloth or a sponge with rotatory movements. Repeat the operation until you get the desired effect.
TIPS: Choosing two similar colours but with different shades will help you to achieve a less evident effect.
DRYING: Let it dry for 2 hours between each coat.
FINISH: For greater protection and durability, apply 1 coat of Water-based Finishing Wax, let it dry for half an hour and then polish with rotatory movements using a cotton cloth.

TOOLS CLEANING: Use water for Fleur colours.