Base coats with a glazed effect give movement to the surface. By mixing Fleur Chalky Look with some wax you get a wonderful result thanks to the high pigmentation of the colours that creates beautiful shades without affecting the vibrancy of the colour tone.

• Fleur Chalky Look colours of your choice
• Brush with natural bristles or Spalter brush (14024-14034-82367)
• Water-based Finishing Wax (12621-12641-12671)
• Coarse Abrasive Sponge (90963)

Choose the Chalky Look colours to glaze. Mix the first colour in
2:1 ratio with the Water-based Finishing Wax and paint the entire
surface with crossed strokes to obtain a glaze effect.
Do the same with the other chosen colours, in order to obtain the
desired effect.
TIPS: For a worn out effect, sand with rotatory movements using
the special coarse abrasive sponge.
DRYING: Work “wet on wet” for an homogeneous glaze. Let it
dry for 1 hour between one coat and the other for a more visible
FINISH: For greater protection and durability, apply 1 coat of
Water-based Finishing Wax and let it dry for 2 hours. Polish with a
cloth with rotatory movements.