Indian Elephant

PREPARATION OF THE PRODUCT: Mix components A and B individually. Pour component B into component A and mix for 2 minutes with mixer drill. After mixing, respect the induction time and let the product rest in the can (15 min. to 25 ºC). Slowly add the dilution water (7% by weight or 10% by volume – 200ml/200g per pack) and stir again for 1 minute. NOW THE PRODUCT IS READY AND MUST BE APPLIED WITHIN 90 MINUTES AT 25 C. Wait min. 12 hours max. 36 hours to coat the product. The resin will be walkable after 24 hours and will reach maximum resistance to trampling after 7 days.

APPLICATION: Apply 2 coats of Fleur Epoxy Resin and let dry min. 12 hours max. 36 hours between one hand and the other. The maximum resistance will be reached after 7 days, in the previous days pay attention to blows, scratches, friction. For cleaning use non-aggressive neutral detergents. TIPS: To give greater surface resistance, apply Extra Resistant Resin.

YIELD: 20-22 m2