What is Pouring?
The Pouring Art was born in the United States and allows the creation of abstract multi-coloured artworks with dripping effect, marble effect or with patches of colour.

• Pouring medium (13256-13257)
• Fleur Chalky Look colours of your choice
• Marble Medium (13258-13259)

Choose the colours you want to use.
1. Mix the Pouring Medium with the Chalky Look colour in 1:1 ratio and pour it onto
the surface.
2. Mix the Marble Medium with the Chalky Look colour in a 3:1 ratio and pour it in small quantities onto the wet base previously prepared. Wait to see the Coral Effect appear.
DRYING TIME: Let it dry for 12-14 hours.
CLASSIC FINISH: For better protection and durability, apply 1 coat of Fleur Protective Varnish.
GLASS-LIKE FINISH: Use the Resin 20 Hands.
EXTRA MATT AND SUPER RESISTANT FINISH: Apply the Extra Matt Water-based Resin.