What is Pouring?
The Pouring Art was born in the United States and allows the creation of abstract multi-coloured artworks with dripping effect, marble effect or with patches of colour.

• Marble Medium (13258-13259)
• Fleur Chalky Look colours of your choice
• Cells Medium (13260)
• Spray bottle

Choose the colours you want to use.
1. Mix each chosen colour with the Marble Medium in a 1:1 ratio. The colours will blend together creating new intermediate shades and the typical nuances of marble.
2. To obtain the Hammered Effect, spray some Cells Medium on the wet surface.
DRYING TIME: Let it dry for 12-14 hours.
CLASSIC FINISH: For better protection and durability, apply 1 coat of Fleur Protective Varnish.
GLASS-LIKE FINISH: Use the Resin 20 Hands.
EXTRA MATT AND SUPER RESISTANT FINISH: Apply the Extra Matt Water-based Resin.