Shabby Chic is an extremely appreciated style that allows you to restore furniture, giving it a second life characterised by white colours and pastel shades that follow the rules of the pleasantly ruined vintage effect.

• 2 Fleur Chalky Look colours of your choice
• Multi-purpose Shabby Wax (12624-12644-12674)
• Sponge Abrasive with Coarse Grain (90963)

Clean the surface thoroughly and remove any wax residues. Choose the Chalky Look colours you want to use.
1. FIRST STEP: Paint the entire surface with the first chosen colour and let it dry for 2 hours.
2. WAX: Apply the Multi-purpose Shabby Wax where you want to see the underlying colour, such as edges, sides and moldings. Let it dry for 3 hours.
3. SECOND STEP: Paint the entire surface with the second colour and let it dry for 2 hours. Sand in the direction of the wood veining, using the special coarse-grained abrasive sponge, until the first colour becomes visible.
FINISH: For better protection and durability, apply a coat of Multipurpose
Shabby Wax with the appropriate brush. Let it dry for 2 hours and polish with a cotton cloth.

CLEANING OF TOOLS: Use water for Fleur colours. Use Citrus Wax Remover for wax.