Authentic Cement

Pour the Resin-Cement powder into a container and dilute with 0,5 Lt of water (size 2 kg) or 2 Lt of water (size 8 kg), then add the Colouring Additive and mix at high speed with a drill or mixer to blend (it will be workable for 15 minutes at a temperature of 15° to 25°, keep away from frost). On walls apply 1 coat of Resin Kit after 2 hours apply 2 coats of Fleur Cement Consolidator (allow to dry 1 hour between coats), if in contact with water apply one coat of Finishing Resin. On floors previously apply one coat of Fleur Fondo Ruvido, after 4 hours proceed with the application of 2 coats of Resin Kit and then apply 2 coats of Fleur Cement Consolidator (allow 2 hours to dry between coats). On tiled floors, apply Fleur Primer F as a primer. On surfaces in prolonged contact with water, apply 2 coats of Fleur Resin Extra Resistant. On tiled floors 2/3 coats of Resin Kit may be necessary depending on the size of the joints. Important: never more than 2 hours should pass between coats of Resin Kit (average temperature 20°) the next coat should be applied when the product has hardened but not completely dry.

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